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1. How we wash our nice dress shirts/suits same as professionally laundered?

          Actually, there is no need to dry-clean your cotton suit (or any suit) unless it is dirty. Thus, we sometimes need to go to professional laundry. But please well aware that dry-cleaning too frequently can discolor and/or wear down fibers and can give your wool clothes an unattractive shine, shrink your clothes if overdone as well.

          However, we can simply do it as same as use laundry service at your convenience.

      - Wash your shirts in cold water with non-chemical detergent and drips dry them.
      - Press them with less heat and steam than they would if professionally laundered. This will definitely preserve the integrity of your shirts for much longer which saves money not only in laundering costs but in replacing worn shirts.

2. How to store your suits?

      - Brush your suit when you take it off to keep it clean and looking good. - Hang your suit on a good wooden hanger that is made for suits and store it in a Praise garment bag for protection.
      - Avoid cramming it in between lots of other clothes, which will cause it to wrinkle.
      - Dry cleans your suit only when necessary but at least once a season so that odors don't become permanent.

3. How to take care of suit while wearing?

       - You should unbutton your suit jacket before you sit down otherwise you will be pulling on it.

       - While you are sitting down, pull your pants up at the thigh just a little so you don't stretch the fabric too much.


          Both of these things will also make you more comfortable and help to avoid from the wrinkle of your clothing.

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